Jessie De Lowe - Real Life Dream Realities

artistic vision

"Working with Jessie has been an absolute dream in getting clear on my vision and path as an artist. She has helped me tremendously in visualizing my perfect picture of all that I want to create, and makes it feel easy, accessible and at the tip of my fingertips with a simple shift in perception and belief in myself. Jessie has a wonderful gift in helping others realize their true potential, and that we are all capable of greatness and living the life we desire. She has reminded me that I already AM THIS, and its just a matter of stepping into it. I am so honored and grateful for my sessions and time with Jessie."

/ Jessie C.


business + love

"Hi Jessie! Just wanted to follow-up on our manifestation session. We connected back in December of this year and two of the things we worked on (launching my business and finding a partner) have manifested for me I launched my health coaching business in February and also have a boyfriend now since February and I looked at my list that we went over on our call and he was almost everything I was calling in . Just wanted to say thank you for everything and keep shining your light "

/ Jenn

career fulfillment

"Hi Jessie! I wanted to fill you in on my life since our manifestation session. I had first world financial insecurity - which meant I was working part time and my parents helped. You helped me own my belief in myself and I’ve had the job of my dreams since February. I didn’t even know a career like this existed but I said what I want and now I’m thriving with a great future and security. Thank you for working with me in that space. I’m grateful for you."

/ Sarah


business + love

“My session with Jessie was a magical one!  At the time of our session I was keenly focused on exiting agency life and into my own consulting business.  Jessie had me write a detailed list of how I envisioned my life to look like both in career and my love life.  Cut to a month later, not only was I moving into freelance with my agency and setting up working with three new clients of my own.  I met the man of my dreams and three months later we're still together.

I'm still in awe how it has all unfolded and I'm grateful for the session with Jessie.  Together, we set powerful intentions and visualizations that helped me manifest a life I truly love.”

/ Alexa