Jessie has vast experience consulting for individuals, businesses, and groups/teams in the areas described below. 


option one

wellness consulting

We all want to embody the best, most radiant version of ourselves but sometimes don’t know where to start. Jessie will work with you to implement meaningful changes in your life, helping you establish a wellness routine that you not only stick to but actually love. Learn self-care and beauty rituals tailored to your specific needs, get advice on the best products to use for the health of your skin, home and family, and receive expert guidance on how to step into your highest well-being.  


option two

business consulting

Want to clarify your brand’s vision and take your business to the the next level?  Jessie has helped a variety of brands, from solo entrepreneurs to major corporations, cultivate a cohesive identity that attracts the audience they are seeking to connect with. She has her finger on the pulse of wellness and lifestyle trends, and therefore can act as a liaison into the world of influencers, providing brands with the insight they need to get ahead of the trends. She’ll help take your business to new heights, guiding overall strategy, creative direction, and brand identity.